As most of you already know, are going through some changes as our studio grows! Thank you for your patience during this time. We are happy to announce the following improvements to our website, pole fitness classes, memberships and rewards program.


Our WEBSITE is finally complete! There is a new MONTHLY CALENDAR, easy to navigate buttons, and packed full of pictures of our amazing students!


Sensual Serenity Pole Fitness Kingston

The restructuring of our Pole Dance Fitness program adds greater schedule flexibility all while focusing on individual student’s training needs. Students can begin training at any time as well as select various skill classes to attend!

All first time students will complete the prerequisite Intro to Pole workshop. This will provide the necessary foundational moments and safety skills.

POLE PROGRAMING is broken down into types of skills such as Spins & Transitions, Climbing, Sits and Invert Prep, Invert Combos, etc. We keep a record detailing each student’s mobility, stability, and strength assessments, as well as moves from our training syllabus. There are prerequisites for each skill.  Therefore, students will know exactly which skills they need to progress their training.


Sensual Serenity will now be offering 3 MONTH MEMBERSHIPS paid up front! This is a great option for students who do not wish to receive automatic payments on a credit card.

All of our pricing now includes taxes! There are no hidden fees, what you see if what you pay.

We have updated our memberships to allow students to select 4 Pole Dance Fitness classes per month. This eliminates the need for booking make-up classes!


Our rewards program is better than ever! Not only does it allow students to collect points towards merchandise, it also rewards them with FREE classes. You can earn points by writing online reviews, referring friends, sharing on social media and more.