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Flexibility Training group fitness class at Sensual Serenity Alternative Fitness Studio. Pole Dancing Classes near Amhestview.
Flow and Floorwork with heels class at Sensual Serenity Alternative Fitness Studio in Kingston, Ontario. Review us today!
Students in Pole Conditioning Group Fitness Class while at Sensual Serenity Alternative Fitness Studio in Kingston, Ontario. Read our reviews to find out what others are saying about us!

Student Success Stories and Reviews

 “I have been taking Pole Fitness since July 2015 – Present. I’ve struggled with my weight since I was a Teenager, losing weight and gaining it back. It was a constant battle until now. Since joining Sensual Serenity, I have not only lost weight, I have also lost a significant number of inches. And my overall strength and muscle tone has improved greatly. On the days that I don’t have class, I want to be at the studio. It’s so very addictive and fun!”

“This studio provides an alternative to the gym. It’s a full body workout. My classmates, pole mates and instructors are always positive and supportive. Whenever someone nails a certain move, everyone screams and cheers!! And the instructors are amazing to say the least. They are so patient with me even when I’m struggling with moves because of my clumsiness. The studio has a very comfortable environment. This is important especially when trying a class like Pole Fitness because of it being somewhat taboo and because it’s a new style of fitness. Being able to feel comfortable in a studio is a must!”

Tip for new members: “If it’s your first time trying this type of fitness and you feel nervous, that’s OK because your new classmates are more than likely in the same boat as you. And as your classes continue you will all grow, learn, and get to know each other. This makes the experience much more fun!”


“Pole fitness started out as just something fun that I did with my roommates and it turned into one of my favourite activities! It’s given me so much confidence inside and outside of the studio and I am now stronger than I have ever been. The other ladies at Sensual Serenity have been amazing and 100% supportive of each other! It’s an amazing environment and I always feel welcome here. I could not have come this far without the support of everyone at Sensual Serenity!”

Tip for new members: “Don’t worry if you think you aren’t strong enough, you’ll get there a lot faster than you think! This is the most fun you will ever have in an exercise class especially with people there to cheer you on every step of the way!”



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