New to our studio?  Discover Sensual Serenity!

A new member can expect:

  • A comfortable and non-judgmental environment,
  • certified and fully licensed instructors,
  • to see women of various ages, experiences, and fitness levels,
  • smaller class sizes with more one-on-one time with the instructor,
  • a challenging workout that feels more like you are having fun,
  • programs focusing on positive body image, building confidence and feeling sexy,
  • a variety of training options for those who might have schedule restrictions,
  • and not to be the only person feeling nervous; we have all been there and trust us, the feeling goes away pretty quickly!

  Do I need to be fit in order to participate?

  • No, you will get fit while committing to your Pole Dance Fitness training or any of the other classes we offer.
  • It does not matter how much you weigh, what matters is gaining the strength to hold your own body weight.
  • Those who have a background in gymnastics, dance and exercise will often move through the Pole levels at a quicker pace. Anyone with no previous experience may take a little longer and that is OK! You will be able to move through our levels as quickly or as slowly as you wish. There is no pressure to move up in levels. 
Beginner Level Pole Dance Fitness students posing with the pole at Sensual Serenity Alernative Fitness Studio, Kingston, Ontario.

 Where should I start?

Beginner Level Pole Dance Fitness students posing with the pole at Sensual Serenity Alernative Fitness Studio, Kingston, Ontario.

Try a 30 Day New Member Trial!

  • New Members can try our classes unlimited for 30 days to see if it’s a good fit. This pass includes, unlimited drop-in classes including Intro to Pole, Correctional Body-Work, Floor-Play, Conditioning and more! Pass is activated on the sale date. Please note that pole classes are subject to prerequisites. You must have the prerequisite training in order to attend higher level pole classes for safety reasons. If you have previous training, please contact us for a complimentary assessment so we can place you in the right class.

What if I can’t commit to classes on a regular basis?

If you are a shift worker or a busy mom, then we recommend that you purchase a drop-in pass which suits your needs. You will have full flexibility when it comes to booking classes. To learn more, check out our Pricing page.

→ See Pricing Page Here

How do I sign up or register for classes?

Step 1: Choose your class

View our classes listed under the SCHEDULE tab and decide which classes you would like to attend.

Step 2: Create an ACCOUNT

Create a profile on our Wellness Living booking system and follow the prompts to complete registration. This will take you to a separate page to create an account where you will be able to sign up for classes. You can also register by clicking directly on the class or purchase options available while on our website.

Step 3: Make a payment

You can pay with a credit credit card through our online registration process. If you wish to  pay with cash or e-transfer however, please create your account on our booking system and contact us to complete your registration.  Payment will reserve your space in the class.

Step 4: Book your classes

Use our booking system to sign in to your classes. All registered classes are booked automatically when you sign up for the session. Drop-in classes are booked individually.

Progressive Series vs. Drop-in Classes

Progressive Series –These are classes with a specific start and finish date. Some of these classes include, Intro to Pole, Pole Levels 1-9, Chair Dancing, and Pole Choreography. These registered lessons require ongoing attendance with choreography and skills progressing throughout the series. To learn more, go to the Registration Tab.

Drop-in Classes – These are classes that allow attendance flexibility. Some of our drop-in classes include Pole Dance Fitness classes, Booty Builder, Sexy Flexi and more!  To find out more details and to view the schedule, go to the SCHEDULE tab.

What to Bring / Wear

  • Comfortable workout clothing such as yoga pants and a fitted workout top.
  • Water bottle (we have water if you forget).
  • You do not need shoes, although you may want to bring a pair of socks.

Required Paperwork

Students are required to fill out a liability waiver  and medical screening form prior to attending their first class.

Save some time!

→ Please print and bring in the Liability Waiver form and PAR-Q form.

Contact us if you have a “yes” answer on your PAR-Q health questionnaire. A “yes” answer will require you to seek approval from a medical practitioner before you can participate in physical activity.

To contact us, please phone or text, 613-217-6396. You can also reach us via email at
Sensual Serenity Alternative Fitness Studio for Women
847 Augusta Drive, Kingston, Ontario, K7P 0E3