At Sensual Serenity, we offer Pole Dance Fitness classes that cater to adult bodies which generally have muscle imbalances as a result of work culture and lifestyle. We are known for breaking down the steps of each movement, step by step. We focus on safety and technical skills training, all the while correcting imbalances to reduce the chance of injury.

Students can begin training in our Pole Dance Fitness program at any time with no start or finish date.  We recommend all “pole virgins” participate in the 4 week Intro to Pole Series. This will help them to obtain the necessary fundamental moments and safety skills in order to participate in training.

Our classes are broken down into types of skills such as Spins & Transitions, Climbing, Sits and Invert Prep, Invert Combos, etc. As no two students are the same, we focus predominantly on each student’s individual needs in order to enhance their skills and strength. We keep a detailed record of each student’s mobility, stability, and strength assessments, as well as moves mastered from our training syllabus. There are prerequisite skills required to participate in each class. Your record will indicate when you are ready to progress to a new skill level!

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Intro to Pole

Intro to Pole is a one hour workshop specifically designed for students who are new to Pole Dance Fitness. Get acquainted with the pole while you learn proper hand and shoulder alignment, muscle activation, safety techniques, as well as the basic physics of pole and weight distribution. We will cover basic moves such as Fireman spin, Back hook, back slides and transitions from the floor back to up onto to the pole.

Prerequisite: None


Intro to Pole Dance Fitness class at Sensual Serenity Alternative Fitness Studio, Kingston, Ontario.

Spins & Transitions

Master the art of pole momentum and physics with this strength-based class. Work on front falling spins, back falling spins, side spins, and various poses all while transitioning from one move into the next. This level focuses on building strength with an emphasis on the core and upper body so you can advance into climbing and invert preparation.

Recommended for Beginner to Intermediate level students or those looking to brush up on spins and transitions.

Prerequisite: Intro to Pole

Beginner Pole Dance Fitnes at Sensual Serenity Alternative Fitness Studio in Kingston, Ontatio.

Climbing, Sits & Invert Prep

Climbing, Sits & Invert Prep will prepare students for dynamic movements up on the pole. Develop climbing skills, static poses, pole sits, handstands, and essential leg hooks in preparation for inverting. Students will work on variations of moves depending on their strength and level of technique. Beginners will learn technical inverting skills from the floor in order to build confidence, learn proper position and strength for holding inverts safely.

Recommended for strong Beginners to Pre-Advanced level students.

Prerequisite: Intro to Pole, 1 Pole Pull-up, and 5 Pole Knee Tucks on both sides (adequate amount of strength and stability of the shoulders and core)

Pre-Intermediate Pole Dance Fitness classes at Sensual Sertenity Atlernative Fitness Studuo, Kingston, Ontario. Pole Dancing Lessons.

Invert Combos

Invert Combos is all about being up side down! You will perform new hand grips, various leg hangs, static holds, drops and fundamental inverts to create mesmerizing shapes around the pole. As your stamina improves, you will begin linking movements together to develop smooth transitions in and out of aerial inverts. Master classic pole inverts such as Butterfly, Cupid, Superman and Shoulder Mount prep, as well as Scorpio and Gemini variations.

Recommended for Intermediate to Advanced level students.

Prerequisite: Pole Climb, solid invert and strong leg hook

Intermediate Pole Dance Fitness at Sensual Serenity Alternative Fitness Studio, Kingston, Ontario.

Dynamic Inverts & Trick Prep

It’s time to get acrobatic and learn dynamic moves that will be sure to dazzle! Combine advanced spins, inverts and intricate transitions, linking together some technical combinations. Increase your strength, mobility, flexibility, and pain tolerance with moves that will prepare you for powerful tricks. Perfect variations of moves such as Jade, Air Inverts, Inverted Climbs, Ayesha, Allegra and Brass Monkey and spinning into inverts.

Recommended for strong Intermediate to Advanced level students who have been training consistently with no breaks.

Prerequisite: Successful pass of mobility, strength and core stabilization test, Chopper, Shoulder Mount

Students in Advanced Pole Fitness Class while at Sensual Serenity, Kingston, Ont.

Pole Trickery 

Pole Trickery will focus on speed and accuracy of strength defying movements with flips, leaps, rotations and intricate transitions. Test your power, coordination, agility, and stamina with moves such as Marion Amber, Fonji, Titanic, Flying K, Iron X and Handspring variations.

Recommended for Advanced level students who have been training consistently with no breaks. 

Prerequisite:  Ayesha, Shoulder Mount, Air Invert, Invert Climbs, Flying Bella, Superman

Advanced Pole Tricks at Sensual Serenity Alternative Fitness Studio, Kingston, Ontario. Pole Dancing, Pole Fitness,


Open Studio Practice

Join us for an Open Studio Practice session where we open the studio to our students to practice moves being taught in class, hang out with pole students in other levels and to take some photos / videos of their progress! Open Studio Practice is available to all Pole Dance Fitness students of Sensual Serenity. There is minimal supervision and no instruction will be given.

Prerequisite:  Intro to Pole

Open Studio Practice at Sensual Serenity Alternative Fitness Studio, Pole Fitness in Kingston.

Exotic Flow

Bring out your sensual side with Exotic Flow. Discover how to exaggerate every move you make while flowing from the pole to the floor. This class focuses on fluidity through transitions and floor-work while learning how to look natural and sensual. Bring on those leg warmers and knee pads!

Prerequisite:  Chair Spin, Speedbump press-up

Exotic Flow Pole Dancing class at Sensual Serenity Fitness in Kingston.

Spinning Pole

Take the pin out of your pole and let it spin! Add a new dynamic to your static pole moves while developing your stability and coordination. Spin your static poses while creating new and beautiful shapes around the pole that can only be done on spin mode.

Prerequisite: Single Handed Spin, Leg Hangs


Spinning Pole Dance class at Sensual Serenity Fitness Studio, Pole Fitness in Kingston.

Pole Choreography

Learn a full choreographed group routine in pole choreography class. Attendance is essential as we will be building up the choreography throughout the session. This class is perfect for students who wish to work on performance skills. Students will have the opportunity to purchase costumes and perform at various events in our studio throughout the year (performance is an option and not mandatory).

Prerequisite: Single handed Spins, Leg Hangs, Air Invert

Pole Choreography, Pole Dancing classes at Sensual Serenity Fitness Studio, Pole Fitness in Kingston.