Top 6 Rules for Planning a Bachelorette Party

By Terra Marie

So your friend is getting married and you have been tasked with throwing the bachelorette party. Organizing a group party of this significance can be stressful. Before you click “send” on your group party email to ask everyone what they think you all should do, read these tips on planning a stress free party and you are guaranteed to have an amazing time!

Rule #1 – Listen to the Bride (But don’t involve her in everything)

Ask her if there is anything in particular that she would like to do and if there is anything that is a “hell no”. If the bride doesn’t want a male stripper at her party, then for goodness sake, listen to her or you will end up with a very disappointed bride. Take note of her interests and plan accordingly. Be sure to ask for her a guest list so you know who to invite as well as which date she would prefer.

Rule #2 – Set the Budget

Once the date and guest lists are organized, it’s time to set a budget. It’s customary that the bride has a complimentary night out on the town. Be sure to discuss costs with your group. Not everyone will have the same budget so keep that in mind when planning events. Your group may opt for a total price per person or some people might choose to cover certain events to elevate some of the costs for those with a smaller price point.

Rule #3 – Plan in Advance

We recommend starting to plan the party a minimum of 6 months in advance. Create a timeline of everything that needs to be done before the party. Make your reservations and send your deposits in advance so you can secure the specific date. This is especially important during the months from March to October as this is bridal party season. The larger your group of attendees, the sooner you will want to make reservations.

Rule #4 – Streamline Communication

The last thing you want is for communication to be broken and everyone constantly calling you for questions and updates. Add everyone to a private email or Facebook group (leave out the bride) and provide them with a detailed itinerary of events. Add exact times for each location, addresses, important numbers, transportation, and, what to bring / wear other important information required for your guests. Allow wiggle room between each event to ensure things run smoothly.

Rule #5 – Streamline the Experience

Collect money from your attendees upfront! This will ensure everyone’s attendance and you will avoid budget changes when some people decide to bail out last minute. Have the cash ready in envelopes to hand over to businesses that you have booked for the evening. Remember to include tips for services. When choosing your restaurant, see if the place has a prefix menu for parties. This will eliminate the awkward squander for cash from guests while everyone is half in the bag and excited to move on to the next destination. Paying each bill separately for a large group can eat up an extra 30-40 minutes of time.

Rule #6 – Bond over New Experiences

Bachelorette parties bring the bridal party and female friends together before the wedding. It’s a wonderful way to give the entire group a chance to bond before the big day. Be sure to schedule in some new experiences such as a pole party, fortune reading or even male model paint night! These experiences allow the group to step outside their comfort zone, laugh together and creates those “do you remember the time when” experiences that you will talk about for the rest of your lives!